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  • District: New Territories
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • Intellectual Property (知識產權)
  • patent search
  • Patent and Trademark Filing and Registration
  • Patent Specification Preparation
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  • Founded at Year 2000
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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Intellectual property (IP) is an important asset to many companies. We, at Barron & Young, are as concerned about protecting your IP assets as you are. Whether you are a large multinational or small company, we can tailor professional packages to your specific needs.

Our IP practitioners have diverse backgrounds and work experience on different continents. We can assist you in identifying your important intellectual properties, work with you to formulate strategies to protect your IP rights, and implement these strategies in your business.

Moreover, our focus on professionalism and cost effectiveness allows us to efficiently provide high quality work at a reasonable cost.

Your success is our success.

We provide a broad range of IP services to domestic and international clients, including:
  • Patent Search,
  • Patent Drafting (in Chinese or English), and
  • Patent and Trademark filing and registration.
While our focus is on patents, we also possess great expertise in handling matters related to trademark, industrial designs and other forms of IP.

Patent and Trademark Filing and Registration
We file patent and trademark applications in three of the world’s largest economy entities - the United States, European Union and Greater China - as well as other areas through our network of associates.

We provide quality work when negotiating with the Patent and Trademark Office because our focus goes beyond simply obtaining patent registration certificates but to the bigger picture of protecting our clients’ commercial interests.

PCT National Entry in China
We believe that a PCT application entering China requires more than a good translation.

It requires that an experienced patent practitioner choose the right words for a particular application, which in turn, requires that the patent practitioner thoroughly understand the invention.

Even an experienced patent practitioner may not properly translate a patent specification if he or she does not spend enough time to adequately understand the invention. That is why we do not start translation before we understand the invention.

While this may seem time consuming, we feel that such investment at the beginning yields dividends because a properly translated patent specification means better protection in the long run.

Patent Specification Preparation
At Barron & Young, we have the capacity to draft patent specifications either in Chinese or in English. During the drafting process we do not just passively receive information from the inventors. We actively probe the inventors, using their native language, on various aspects of the invention to ensure we understand the invention accurately so that we can devise an optimal protection scheme for the invention.