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  • District: Hong Kong Island
  • City: Hong Kong
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  • Intellectual Property (知識產權)
  • intellectual property
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  • Founded at Year 2016
  • Language:English,Mandarin,Cantonese
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HNC Innovation Limited (“HNC”) aims to promote technological innovations through providing services on obtaining, enforcing and commercializing patents in China and Hong Kong.

We are based in Hong Kong, which shares the same legal regime with other common law jurisdictions. We can fully utilize advantages both in China and Hong Kong in order to provide the best quality services to innovations so that Chinese innovations will go abroad and others will come to China.
  • Patent drafting and PCT application fillings
  • Patent and trademark prosecution in China
  • Patent and trademark prosecution in Hong Kong
  • Patent invalidation and litigation in China
  • Custom recordal in China
  • Assignment registration, Licence Agreement Recordal, Pledge Contract registration in China
  • Online platforms for IP rights management

Area of practices:
  • Mobile internet
  • Photonics
  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Mobile phone
  • Software
  • Electronics devices
  • Hardware
  • Computer system
  • Internet related
  • Communication
  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductor
  • Mechanical engineering and devices
  • On-vehicle technologies
  • Wearable teachnologies
  • Human necessities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Light-emitting diode lighting technologies and products
  • Oil/gas extraction
  • Processing and distribution technologies and food
  • Dr. Susan CHI, Director of HNC, China patent attorney since 2006
  • reorganized as a China litigation attorney since 2014 by the Supreme People’s Court, member of China ACPAA
  • worked in the Patent Reexamination Board (“PRB”) of the China SIPO as a patent re-examiner between year 2001-2004
  • practiced with a leading IP law firm in Hong Kong between Year 2006 – 2014 as a China patent attorney and a litigation attorney
  • B.E. in electronics engineering, Bachelor of Law, Master of Law and PhD degree and in law
  • mainly works in the fields of electronics and mechanics engineering and serves technological companies and international law firms