Of course, it does! By creating an account on 2Easy, our registered professionals are instantly closer to getting quality job leads and tremendous opportunities. We target startups, companies and organizations to hire our registered service providers. Potential clients can contact you directly by submitting a quote request. Or they can submit a job request on an open board, you can send quotation and request for more information.

Our upcoming booking system is second to none. We designe it to be simple and quick, with an improved messaging and payment tool so you can communicate and receive deposit easily during the booking process.



We know how important it is to get our professionals the exposure they want and need. We perform both online, and offline marketing approaches. We have a 2Easy Blog, 2Easy Official Facebook page and Facebook Work2easywhich have attracted over 8,500 organic followers. They are predominantly working professionals or SME owners. We will also be advertising online heavily.

Another great source of traffic to 2Easy HK is through search engines, as we appear at the top of many Google searches related to business services. We are constantly refining 2Easy HK to ensure we’re presenting the cleanest and easiest website for search engines to crawl and index.

In regards to offline strategies, 2Easy is a social responsibility company helping professionals receive more job leads. Therefore, we collaborate with many organizations, which have the contacts of hundreds of companies in Hong Kong, including Cyberport, SparkRaise. We are their exclusive and official platform to search for professional services.

We also organize seminars at business centers or organizations to improve our brand name. Rest assured; we’re working very hard to make 2Easy HK a place where both businesses and our professional service providers benefit greatly.



Get started by signing up on this page. You need to fill in the questionnaire, providing information such as introduction, experience, available services, portfolio, etc. We will verify the information, contact you, and get back to your application within a day. It only takes a minute or two to create a listing on Jobs are waiting!



Yes, we do. We're charging in order to sustain our operation, maintain and further develop the system, as well as cover all the marketing and advertising costs. The more effort and resources we put on marketing and advertising, the more exposure your business profile will receive, thus, more potential job leads. Therefore, it's a win-win strategy.

At the moment, we are charging 15% (project final fee at $30,000 and below), 10% (project final fee between $30,001 and $200,000) and 7% (final project fee at $200,001 and above). We will issue an invoice at the end of the month for the referral fee of every successful job lead.

In the future, we will be charging an annual listing fee, without limiting the number of jobs will be received. We will only take this move when there's constant traffic to the site and you are receiving a consistent number of job leads. We will notify you at least a month in advance before we are implementing the annual listing charging plan.



2Easy has an escrow service to protect the client and you. You can request 2Easy to send an invoice and collect deposit, scheduled payment or full payment from the client. You do not need to start the project until 2Easy confirms with you that client's payment has been received. You must send a project milestone, which the client also agrees with to 2Easy to keep track with the project.

Once you deliver an agreed portion of work to the client, 2Easy will automatically release the payment to you after a confirmation has been received from the client.

Please talk to the 2Easy team at 551 552 53, or



That doesn't sound good. Please discuss with us before making such move. We would love to hear from you. Or you can write to us in writing to inform that you would like to be delisted from the website.




The vast majority of job requests on 2Easy HK are from proficient and honest clients. However, as it is with most websites, bad apples can attempt mischief from time to time.

Use extra caution when dealing with requests which contain any of the following:

• Requests made that do not apply to the services you offer

• Messages from clients outside Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia

• Emails that appear not in English or Chinese

• Inquiries with an invalid phone number

A simple test is to call the phone number if provided. If it’s a generic answering system, a disconnected number, or a wrong number be VERY cautious.

Please contact us at (852)551 552 53 or if you are unsure about the validity of lead.



Visit your Inbox and click on the job request you want to respond. You’ll be given two options: you can go ahead and email a quote, or decline the request if you are unavailable or not interested.

When you are ready to send a quote all you have to do is indicate your total fee and deposit amount. If you wish, you can also include additional terms such as a cancellation policy.



Sorry, we do not have this service at the moment. Professionals will receive email notifications whenever there is new job request.



When a client sends a job request to 2Easy, professionals can go ahead and reply a quote or decline the request if you are unavailable or not interested. If the client is happy with the professional’s information and quotation, they can click “Hire”, client’s contact details will then only be disclosed, and professional can contact with the client directly. This approach is to make sure clients’ personal details are protected.




You have the option whether to involve or not. We highly encourage professionals to involve and provide some free knowledge to clients at seminars or other events. We also encourage professionals to contribute to our monthly newsletter by providing useful insights or knowledge. The activities will build up your reputation in the industry, and gain professional reliability from the potential client groups, who may be your clients in the future.



We organize all the events for free and only require you to attend to give out some knowledge. We also encourage our professionals to organize free seminars, provide free consultancy services or more to attract potential clients. We can cooperate by sharing the information with our client lists, or maybe even offering free venue and other supports.

We have a monthly newsletter and blog. We encourage professionals to contribute valuable content about your industry to gain reputation. We will share the content to our client list and Facebook fans (over 8,000 audiences in total). For every sales lead comes from this marketing channel, we will charge a percentage of referral fee (10%, legal services are exempted).



As our target clients are startups, SME, new foreign companies, we aim to provide something beneficial for their businesses, such as seminar, free consultancy service, networking brunch, etc. They are eager to learn more to grow their businesses.



Yes of course! There are many high quality professionals on the website, all have a proficiently written portfolio, and it may not be easy for you to stand out among all. You can take the opportunity to collaborate with us, provide some useful knowledge to the clients. They are eager to learn to improve their businesses.




Any changes that need to be made to reviews must be done by the person who posted the review. Please invite the reviewer to log in and edit their review. If they didn’t create an account, you can ask them to contact us stating the details of the change they’d like to make. We know this might be a bit of pain, but we do this to uphold the integrity of the reviews on 2Easy HK.



The primary goals for our reviews are simplicity and fairness. Our ratings are based on actual client reviews; they are clean and simple, pure and honest.

Every website seems to do ratings differently. There are websites that do not provide the accountability measure of requiring a real email address to rate its members, opening the door for fraudulent reviews. And many ratings-centric websites simply do not get involved to arbitrate fraud and belligerence. We do.

We are trying to do reviews right by providing a straightforward and valuable service for the professionals alike.



Yes, whenever a review is added to your profile, you’ll be sent an email notification. If you don’t want to receive this review notification you can adjust your Notification preferences under Account.



You may dispute reviews only if they are obscene, abusive, or fraudulent. If a review you receive meets one of the above, then it can be disputed. When you select to dispute a review, it will be held for arbitration while we review your information and possibly contact the reviewer for fact-checking. If facts check out, you will be given an opportunity to work out your differences with the reviewer, and if mutually agreed, the review can be removed.

For example, you are hired to develop a website for your client, but nothing goes as planned: it takes longer to build the website, you ask for higher pay half way because you did not clarify every single aspect, bugs appear when the website is launched. The client, is obviously unhappy, gives you 1 star and a terrible review. You humbly and honestly discuss the issues and agree to provide free website maintenance service. Both sides are happy, and the review is removed or edited, and goodwill is restored. And most importantly, you made it right, reviews or not.



Reviews are an instrumental tool in helping clients make a more sophisticated decision about who to hire, so we do require that all profiles accept feedback.